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Get to Know Computer Fx

Computer F/x is a technology company, based in Lafayette, Louisiana, that focuses on providing organizations the ability to leverage technology to enhance their businesses. In business since 1989, an area where the Computer F/x team excels is in proactively identifying a problem and developing an effective solution. Through our unique insight, and our combined years of experience in corporate America, we are able to bring technological solutions to businesses, of all sizes and in all industries, by helping them streamline their processes, increase efficiencies, and improve bottom lines.

Our current clients range from individuals and community groups, to larger-scale businesses. We specialize in industry-specific business-to-business management and application development has proven to be a niche market for Computer F/x. Not only have we provided services to some of the major players in the industry, but we have also become invaluable to smaller “mom and pop” businesses by allowing them to experience the equivalent of having a full-scaled IT department at a fraction of the cost. Our team at Computer F/x has extensive knowledge in everything from software architecture and development, to network configuration and implementation, as well as applying best practices according to the SANS Institute.

We offer an entire IT Solution to the small business, as well as the large corporation. If you need a consultant to do an evaluation of your IT infrastructure or you just need a virus removed, we can handle any sized need that you may have. We have combined experience with all of the major IT companies from VMware to Cisco. If you want to upgrade to a VoIP system, or begin to virtualize your servers or even your desktops, contact us for an appointment today. Whether you need occasional support to complement your existing IT staff or regular on-site or remote support, Computer F/x delivers reliable, professional IT services at a price you can afford.

Discount Rate

  • This pricing is for overages after your initial agreement hours allotment.
  • Hourly rate would include any needs no matter if they are Level 1, 2, or 3.

Level 1 Tech

  • Adds/Moves/Changes
  • Email Help
  • Desktop Support
  • Printer Issues
  • Program Installs

Level 2 Tech

  • Router Configuration
  • Networking
  • WiFi Management
  • NAS Setup
  • Server Maintenance

Level 3 Tech

  • VPN Setup
  • Server Virtualization
  • VoIP Troubleshooting
  • Server Installs
  • Hyper-V / VMware

Volume Discounts

Service Agreements start at $100/hr for initial hours of services but additional hours are billed at $65/hour for any level of support.

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