SimpliVity OmniCube is a hyper-converged infrastructure platform.

Using SimpliVity’s OmniStack, this revolutionary data architecture empowers IT teams to easily deploy scalable pools of x86 resources for the virtualized environment. OmniCube is a 2U VM optimized building block that assimilates the core functions of server, storage and networking all into one single array. The OmniCube also provides a wide range of advanced functionality including:

  • Native VM-level backup
  • WAN optimization
  • Bandwidth efficient replication for DR
  • Cache accelerated performance, and cloud integration



VM-centric Management

The SimpliVity OmniCube provides VM-centric Management in order to simplify deploying and managing the virtual infrastructure, so IT teams can now manage their VMs instead of the underlying infrastructure. All analysis, reporting, actions and management tasks in the SimpliVity OmniCube are VM-centric to eliminate the disconnect that exists between vSphere and traditional storage arrays.




OmniCube is a 2U VM optimized building block that assimilates core storage and server capabilities with the complete set of IT data management functionality required in today’s IT environment. It delivers this functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure products and with an extreme reduction in complexity. Two or more OmniCube systems are deployed in a network, creating an OmniCube Global Federation, a massively scalable pool of shared resources that provides intelligent data movement within and across data centers, globally and to the Cloud.


  • High Availability: full high availability with no single point of failure.
  • Performance: optimized for IO intensive workloads.
  • Serviceability: extensive reporting, alerting and call home capabilities.

Advanced Functionality

  1. Simplified, Elastic Scale-Out: the Federation scales simply by adding one OmniCube unit at a time, on demand.
  2. Inline and Fast Deduplication and Compression: all data – across its lifecycle and geographies, including the public cloud – is deduplicated and compressed on ingest without impact to performance.
  3. Bandwidth Efficient Replication: efficient data transfer among OmniCubes across remote data centers and to the cloud.
  4. Instant Data Protection: policy engine allows for VM-level backup and replication by a user defined RPO.
  5. Global VM-Centric Management: ability to perform all day to day management operations on a per VM basis.
  6. Public Cloud Integration: data can be efficiently moved to/from the public cloud.
  7. Cache Accelerated Performance: provides high speed access to the most important data.

1. CN-2000 – Compact system designed to run remote office or smaller workloads offering 6-8 CPU cores and 5-10TB of usable storage capacity.

2. CN-3000 –General purpose modular system designed to run all data center applications offering 12-24 CPU cores and 20-40TB of usable storage capacity.

3. CN-5000 – High-performance system optimized to run high-performance applications offering 24 CPU cores and 15-30TB of usable storage capacity.


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