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Church Consulting

Utilize Technology to Enhance Ministry

Church Consulting

Be sure to use the form below to contact us and request the totally free Service Production Manual that can help aid in the training of all service related positions for your ministry team. We have compiled the best and easiest information to streamline your training and take your service production to the next level.

Computer F/x LLC is uniquely positioned to offer highly specialized consultative and organizational development services for ministries and churches. We focus on providing strategic and practical solutions that help you accomplish your organization’s vision, mission, and goals. A majority of our staff members either currently serve, or have previously served, on the paid staff of several of the largest churches in the Gulf Coast region. Through our combined experience, we are able to offer skilled insight and knowledge into many areas of church logistics and operations. We will be happy to conduct a comprehensive assessment of any of the following areas in your ministry or church, and identify opportunities for your next steps.

We can also be brought in to evaluate a weekend service. Think a secret shopper for your church. We can answer the following questions and more in depth analysis will be given in a full report. We can also be brought in at a later time to evaluate staff followup processes or training and evaluation for any service production or IT related ministries.

Areas of Focus

• Service Production Consulting and Recommendations
• Finance
• Administration
• Small Groups & Assimilation
• Church Management Software
• IT Infrastructure

Questions to Ask

• How are visitors greeted?
• Can we do childcare better?
• What do visitors think of our media?
• Is sound and lighting adequate?
• How is our assimilation’s process?
• What do visitors think of our facilities?

Watch Pastor Jeff Ables, Lead Pastor of Crossroads Church in Lafayette, LA say a few words about how Computer F/x helps them utilize technology to enhance ministry.

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