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I’m always look for new ways to change up my Bible reading routine. We’ve all tried the “Read the Bible in a Year” approach, by week three we cave in to another reading plan. I personally like the M’Cheyne’s reading calendar if you are looking for a similar plan. I also like to read chapters around referenced scriptures in weekly sermons, podcasts and the books I read each week. It’s also fun to engage in a “scripture hunt” while listing to your favorite Christian artist or worship music to see where a particular lyric was derived from. In searching for a new way to enhance my Bible reading, I am always looking for ways to make it more personable. What’s more personable than your birthday? I challenge you to look up your birthday and read the referenced scriptures related to your birth-date. It’s fun to read scriptures you’ve read and never previously related them to you personally. Pick your favorites and move on to others dates such as your spouse’s birthday, children birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days. Make it a daily task to read through 66 scriptures for the corresponding date.

Computer F/x is in the process of developing a Bible reading application for Church Media Central.


Save your favorite scriptures to a reading plan
Catalog daily reading: Highlight, Categorize, TAG, Share
Share your personal reading plan or share favorite scriptures on social media.
Import/Share Reading Plans (Bible in a year, M’Cheyne’s, Local Small Group)
Upon Login Show birthday scriptures
Upon Subsequent Logins Show Daily Reading Plan related to today’s date.
Support multiple Versions of the Bible
Keyword Search

Enhance your Personal Bible Reading
• Organizes your Favorite Scriptures with Colorized Categories and Comments, Support Multiple TAGS
• Keep track of what scriptures you have read

Features for Churches & Small Groups
• White Label Feature
• Shared Reading Plans (Great for small groups)