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To:  All clients and vendors

First and foremost, we want to say thank you to each and every one of our customers.  Without you, we would not be in business and we do not take for granted what you entrust to us to handle for your business.  It truly is an honor and a privilege to serve you and am humbled that you have chosen us to take care of your technology needs.  We are excited to share with you a few improvements in our own business and look forward to growing together during 2019!

The last 6 years, we have experienced growth, added to our staff, increased our services, and most importantly we have strived to maintain incredible customer service and amazing response times.  Computer F/x LLC is excited to announce a new chapter in our story and we are excited that you are a part of it.

Part of the growth we experienced is an expansion of our offerings to include video, audio, and lighting solutions to our customers.  This could be as simple as virtual conference rooms and conference room audio systems to an elaborate audio, video, and lighting system for a church or school auditorium.  Due to these added services, we felt the name Computer F/x did not fully encompass what we do to our clients and new clients alike.

Beginning January 2019 we made the decision to change the name of our company to Vital Integrators.  Vital sets us apart to include Video, IT, Audio, and Lighting.  The logo we designed for our new company name was not by accident and the IT in the logo is a bight red color to stand out from the rest of the letters.  This was to indicate that yes, we can do video, audio, and lighting but our focus has been and always will be IT services.  As our IT services are staying the same and are unchanged, you should notice no difference in your interactions with us as a company.  We are excited about this new chapter in our business and are so grateful and honored that you allow us to be a part of your story as each and every one of you have played a part in our story.  We are looking forward to a great year in 2019 and will keep doing our best to deliver amazing technical services to you and your teams.

Below is a few bullet points about this announcement that will help articulate some details.

What is changing:

  • Our name is changing from Computer F/x LLC to Vital Integrators LLC. We will keep Computer Fx as a trade name to ensure any business transactions can still take place.
  • Our website will now be
  • Our help email address will now be though we will still be able to receive emails sent to
  • All future business/agreements will be under the Vital Integrators name. We will need to update all agreements at some point in the future to reflect the new name change but again, this is a name change only.
  • We hope to be able to help you with future projects that expand into video, audio, and lighting.

What is NOT changing:

  • Our Tax ID number is staying the same so the only thing that you will need is an updated W9 that includes the Computer F/x trade name on it. (attached to the email or available for download from our website)
  • Ownership and staff have not changed. This is not a sale of the company, a merger, or a buyout.  Simply put the only single thing that has changed is the name of the company.
  • Our love for delivering outstanding customer service and exceeding your expectations is NOT changing.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this.  If you have any questions at al about any of this information, please do not hesitate to call the office and speak to Brandi Gwin or Paul Mancuso.  This is an exciting time to be in our industry and we could not do this without you as our customer.  Thank you again for your understanding, patience and support as we continue to grow and expand ourselves.





Paul Mancuso
President and CEO
Vital Integrators
formerly Computer F/x LLC

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