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VPN Access

To use VPN Access:

1.   Download VPN Client from the following URL’s

For Windows 32bit OS –
For Windows 64bit OS –
For Mac OS –

2.  Next, download your configuration profile.
*Replace XXXXXXXX with the file name your technician provided to you.

3.   Install the VPN Client by following all the default prompts.

4.  Once the software is open, click on Import, then choose the file you downloaded in step 2.

5.  Once it shows up in the list, double click the connection.  This will prompt you for a username and password.

6.  Enter the same username and password you use to login to an office computer.

7.  Once connected, you can use \\SERVERNAME to access files on the server.

8.  You can also remote desktop to your work PC if this was setup.